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Michel 2004 – More omissions

Reprint from Lebanon Philately Sun Aug 29, 2004

I finally had my first look at Michel 2004.

Very disappointing: all references to quantities issued have disappeared
for all sets since 1924.

I guess I recommend the 2004 edition for new issues, stick with 1999
edition for serious work.

The good thing you can get a 1999 Michel probably on the cheap.
I saw one on ebay Germany for 1 Euro. (Not sure what
shipping is) Use search keywords: Michel Naher Osten

When I was a kid growing up in Lebanon I had Stanley Gibbons worldwide
catalog. One monster book with all stamps of the world. One time I noticed
pages missing in the “I” section. Very professional slit with a xtacto
knife that you would not normally notice. (All Israel references taken
out) It was rather interesting observing it at 9 years old.
I wonder if this is still prevalent. Do people with Michel catalog in
Lebanon have Israel slit out too ?

- Elie