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New types of cancelled forgeries & the legend

Lebanon Philately reprint Tue Jan 31, 2006

In the early sixties (as the legend tells us) a group of resellers
printed forgeries about many issues including cedars, taxes, saida
castle, ski, jounieh bay,….
The legend tells us also that just before the police came to catch
the head of the gang, he and his sons cancelled all the forged stamps
after degumming them in tea (that’s the reason why they are yellowish).
The cancellation was done by faded round beyrouth cancellation stamp.

The Legend is not very accurate:
A lot of forged taxes stamps are not cancelled or gummed and cancelled,
and i’ve received lately my first forged stamps cancelled by a (not
faded) hexagonal cancellation stamp which means probably that there
are still some uncancelled (non taxes )forged stamps stocks & someone
is having fun to cancel them with hexagonal.

to be continued….