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Question about signed forged stamps

Lebanon Philately reprint Tue Oct 24, 2006

Good Morning,
Sometimes forged stamps like YT36a, 36, 37 are proposed with experts
signatures. How does it happen?

Hi Math,

Many possible ways :

a) sometimes we find some minor stamps with expert signatures and we
ask ourselves why it was important for the owner of the cheap stamps to get
them signed? The answer is: in some cases (when the owner is a forgerer)
with signed “cheap” stamps like YT121, YT115, or YT62 he can overprint them
and produce expensive forged stamps.

b) We have been informed lately (information to be confirmed) that
some forgerers have made experts sign expensive stamps normally and
innocently ;) . Once they got the signature they fabricate a rubber stamp
producing forged signatures.

c) Some forgerers bought the signing stamps from the descendants of
dead experts.

d) Some ignorant “experts” may sign forged stamps.

In my opinion it is very important not only to have signed stamps but ask
also for a certificate.

In one of the emails our friend Rida sent us an url showing the signatures
of some experts.

Regards from Paris