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2010.10.09 Martyr’s set

Original aothor Elie Aouad on Lebanon Philately 2010.10.09

finally the martyrs stamps set was issued after 5 years of disappearence in some unknown drawers. thanks minister charbel nahas.the
martyrs set includes b. gemayel, m. sader, h. khaled, k. joumblat, r.
karame, r. mouawad… as someone said once we should respect all

Analysing the martyrs set:

a) 2 presidents, 1 prime minsiter
b) 2 maronites, 2 sunnites, 1 druze, 1 chiite
c) murdered by multiple partiesi
d) Lebanese forces, Amal, PSP parties creators are represented.
e) all of them represent the 1975 war period
f) all the stamps have the same face value of 1400LL

2010.10.09 New Stamps

Lebanon Philately reprint Sat Oct 9, 2010

finally the mysterious martyrs stamps set which was blocked somewhere was issued today including: bechir gemayel, rachid karame, rene mouawad, moussa sadr, kamal joumblat & hassan khaled….

three other individual stamps: imam ouzai, painting and tourism were also

Let’s hope that the martyrs set will be a gathering set for lebanese people as
the set includes very protagonsit personnalities.

regards from sunny paris