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Stamps issued on June 27, 2011

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The General Directorate of Post announced that, in coordination with LibanPost, it has put into circulation 4 new stamps on Wednesday June 27, 2011. The themes of these stamps are:

At this occasion, 500 editions of First Day Cover are available .

2011.06.01 New issues

Lebanon Philately reprint Wed Jun 1, 2011

New issues:
a) Celebrities: Saïd Akl (10000LL), Basbous Brothers (5000LL),
Caracalla (3000LL), Chouchou (2750LL), Akhwat Chanay (2250LL), Sabah (1750LL)
b) Celebrations: UPA (500LL), Phoenician Alphabets (250LL).

a) Infos indicate that Fayrouz and Wadih el Safi are for soon.
b) These celebreties issue was proposed by the Philatelic Group to Gebran Bassil
in our famous propositions document