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2012.08.23 New 2012 issues

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LibanPost, in coordination with the Ministry of Telecommunications, will put into circulation starting September 2012 several stamps and First Day issues.

The themes of these stamps are:

  • Amine Maalouf, the Lebanese-born French author elected at the AcadémieFrançaise on June 23, 2012
  • Said Akl’s 100th anniversary, a Lebanese poet, writer, and playwright considered one of the most important modern Lebanese poets
  •  Adel Osseiran, a prominent Lebanese politician and statesman, a former Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, and one of the founding fathers of the Lebanese Republic
  •  The occasion of the 50 years since the establishment of the National Council for Scientific Research
  •  Lebanese Marathon 2012
  •  GhassanTueni, a veteran Lebanese journalist, politician and diplomat who headed “An Nahar” newspaper
  • Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Lebanon

Old Stamps issued before 1999

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Philatelic stamp collectors can buy old stamps, issued before 1999, at some LibanPost post offices.
For more information on those stamps and where you can find them, please email us to or call our customer care on 1577.

Stamps Collection

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For the first time in Lebanon a limited edition of stamps collections is published!

Only 500 copies of the stamps collection for the years 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 will be available for sale starting Dec 13, 2011.

Each annual collection includes the stamps issued that year with related information : theme of the stamp, historical background, number of stamps issued, type of issue and date of circulation.

Copies numbered 1 to 100 are sold in full collection within a beautiful assorted box and 20% discount on the total price.

Book your copy now and be one of the few to have this special and valuable edition in your collection. To book your copy, call 1577 or email us at

Annual stamp Collection year 2000 – LBP 75,000
Annual stamp Collection year 2001 – LBP 225,000
Annual stamp Collection year 2002 – LBP 225,000

Annual stamp Collection year 2003 – LBP 75,000
Annual stamp Collection year 2004 – LBP 150,000
100 special packages numbered 1 to 100, including the full collection in an assorted box- LBP 600,000

Stamps issued on October 9, 2010

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The General Directorate of Post in the Ministry of Telecommunications announced that it has put in circulation, in coordination with LibanPost, new stamps as of October 9 2010, in conjunction with the World Post Day.
The themes of these stamps are: In Lebanon’s Memory, World Tourism Day, Mr. Altawoukji, and 1300 years on the birth of Imam Ouzai.

The Cedar Catalog

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Cedar Catalog is now sold at LibanPost. This catalog helps and guides those who are interested in Lebanese Postal History. It aims to categorize the cancels used in the foreign post offices that have functioned within Lebanese territory between 1845 and 1914.
Visit the nearest post office and buy this valuable book.

Philatelic Stamps put into circulation as regular postal stamps– August 2011

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The General Directorate of Post in the Ministry of Telecommunications announced that it has put the below mentioned philatelic stamps into circulation as regular postal stamps, in coordination with LibanPost.


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2012.08.04 Philatelic group visits Minister of Telecommunications

Elie Aouad 2012.08.04

Un collectif d’associations des Libanais Dans Le Monde (RPL, CEPL, HALFA, ULCM British Columbia, Concours Jezzinois, et Philatelistes Libanais dans le monde) ont rendu visite au ministre des télécommunications M. Nicolas SEHNAOUI afin de lui proposer une série de 4 timbres en plus d’un bloc souvenir rendant hommage à la diaspora Libanaise.
M. Elie AOUAD (RPL/Philatélistes/Concours Jezzinois) coordinateur du projet, a représenté les diverses actions des philatélistes libanais dans le monde, mais surtout l’importance de ce projet qui est une demande non uniquement des philatélistes mais aussi des diverses associations de la diaspora. M. Aouad a bien précisé que le collectif se considère dans ce projet comme porte-parole des diverses associations de la diaspora.


FA) et Nick KAHWAJI(ULCM British Columbia) ont défini le rôle actuel , culturel de la diaspora dans le monde tout en reflétant les sentiments et l’amour des générations qui se succèdent à l’Etranger envers leur Mère Patrie .

M. Jawad Hajjar(RPL/CEPL) a mis en valeur le rôle du timbre avec l’emblème libanais non uniquement pour les libanais mais aussi pour les non libanais.

Les divers membres du collectif ont cité les diverses actions que réalisent la diaspora et les associations dans les domaines de la culture, patrimoine, traditions, écologie, patriotique, francophonie, humanitaires, …

Le ministre et son équipe ont fait part de l’intérêt national et international que constitue cette action et ont demandé au collectif l’organisation d’une action globale de communication Internationale commune au moment de l’émission.

Quick Translation

A collective of associations of Lebanese worldwide (RPL, CEPL, HALFA, ULCM British Columbia, competition Jezzinois, and philatelists Lebanese in the world) have made visit to the Minister of telecommunications Mr. Nicolas SEHNAOUI to offer a set of 4 stamps and a block Memorial paying tribute to the Lebanese diaspora.
Mr. Elie AOUAD (RPL/collectors/contest Jezzinois) co-ordinator of the project, represented the various actions of the Lebanese philatelists around the world, but especially the importance of this project which is a claim not collectors but also the diaspora associations. Mr. Aouad made it clear the collective considers this project as spokesman of the various associations of the diaspora.

Mr. Antoine MENASSA (HALFA) and Nick KAHWAJI(ULCM_British_Columbia) defined the role cultural diaspora, current worldwide while reflecting the feelings and love of the generations who move abroad to their motherland.

Mr. Jawad Hajjar(RPL/CEPL) has highlighted the role of the stamp with the Lebanese emblem not only for the Lebanese but also for non-Lebanese.

Various members of the collective have cited the various actions that perform the diaspora and associations in the fields of culture, heritage, traditions, ecology, patriotic, francophonie, humanitarian…

The Minister and his team have been part of national and international interest is this action and asked the collective organization of global action to communication in international at the show. (Translated by Bing)