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2014.09.05 Bishop Germanos Mouakkad



Date of issue : September 5, 2014
Quantity : 50,000
Dimensions : 3×4 cm
Value : 250 LBP
Presentation : 20 stamps per sheet
Designed by: Myrna Haddad Kalfayan
3.33 USD

2014.08.14 Pope St John Paul II Commemorative Cover


Date of issue : August 14, 2014
Quantity : 500
Dimensions : 22×11 cm
Value : 150,000 LBP
Designed by: Myrna Haddad Kalfayan
100 USD

2006 Philately Activity

Lebanon Philately reprint Wed Jan 3, 2007

Hi everybody,
a)first of all i wish all the members of this group a happy 2007 year.
b)Only Rafic Hariri set was issued, which was very successful among
collectors. A folder was created by the telecommunication minister
with the stamps issue for the VIPs.
c) We began to enumerate some of the forgery resellers (check for
d)Unfortunately the activity of the group was slowed down -even
stopped- by the Lebanon summer events.
e)Unfortunately we continued to have the fantasy bechir and
independance folders on ebay; among with artificial Souvenir Sheets
FDCs and forged expensive stamps on envelops.

Let’s hope to have a good 2007 philatelic year.
Regards from Paris