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Good News for Conference

Reprint from Lebanon Philately Thu Jul 29, 2004

Good Morning,
I’ve received today a positive answer from the dean of Esib who will
give us a conference room.
So the subjects until now are:
a- M. Tony Helou for what to collect in Lebanon stamps
b- Lebanon_Philately group: compilation of different methods for
detecting original/doubtful sheets/stamps with presentation of the
group (please Bassem M. if you prepare the introduction).
c- M. Moustapha Assad: Stamps History in Lebanon (subject to be

What do you think of a round table on promoting the Philately in

We still need:
a- two subjects (in order to have a two hours conference)
b- date/time around 24th August
c- mailing list
d- other ideas.
e- smiles :)

bonne jorunée de Paris
Elie A.

Lebanon Conference …

Reprint of Lebanon Philately Sun Jul 25, 2004

Hi All,

Here is my advice regarding the Conference..

1. Do not think big, although there are numerous collectors in
Lebanon, most big names will not give their time to attend. Many
big shots prefer to either sponsor clubs on their own (where the
members will talk about the mightly collection of the owner) or
simply stay away.

2. We have witnessed public philatelist shows sponsored by Liban
Post (by Mr. Shafeek Talib) on 4 different occasions, and the man
did not take the time to INVITE all the Lebanese collectors.. The
reasonis that most collectors would have ridiculed his show !!!
Lets face it, when Lebanese meet, there will only be ridicule and

3. If you all prefer to have a Gathering in force then we can do
so.. But it has to be a gathering of people rather than
collections.. Auctions make no sense as the people attending
already have what they want. Beginners !!! They do not exist…
From the South of Lebanon to its North there exist only ONE
beginner !!!!!!!!!.

4. I can get you venues in LAU, AUB, LIBAN POST, Ministry of PTT,
virtually any venue in or around Saida. I can get sponsors, I can
get Rotary International to participate en-force. I can get top
names to cover the event too.. Media is also an easy task. But you
have to think about what would happen when we all start talking
about forgeries !!!! It will not be a nice topic in the newspapers
the second day…

Lets meet, but lets meet behind closed doors at first.. Trust me
people, i know what will happen..

My 2 cents..


Lebanon Conference …

Reprint from Lebanon Philately Sun Jul 25, 2004

The focus should be on promoting the hobby and to get beginners
interested. And most important is to make it fun and exchange friendship
and ideas. That is what philately is about.

It is not a glamorous hobby, that’s why a university setting
is probably the best best for the 1st time. Universities have a diverse
age group with possible free time.

I am not surprised at the low number of collectors in Lebanon. But I think
the interest can be higher with more exposure. (Benefits are more
tangible on the long term)

Also one more thing to consider: a govt. sponsored special cancel for the
event is always a plus.

About 4 years ago I happened to be in Italy on a business trip. There were
signs all over when I was driving in Milan advertizing a philatelic
conference. So I went to it, although, as a visitor, it was not in my
This type of larger effort requires the local city govt. to make
nice professional signs, post them 5-6 blocks around the event for a whole
month before the event. One can always invite other countries to exhibit
their new issues.
Just some thought for the future. The toughest part is the majority of us
are expatriates, so it will have to be a large effort by those on location
in Lebanon.

- Elie

Lebanon Philately Conference

Reprint from Lebanon_Philately Sat Jul 24, 2004

Re: [Lebanon_Philately] Lebanon Philately Conference
At 07:36 AM 7/24/2004, Elie I. Mourad wrote:>Well to really make it successful wouldn’t you want to plan at least a
>year in advance. Maybe add an auction and dealer booths.An invent this year could also serve to organize and promote next year’s
event so that next year’s event would be better attended. Anyway I see
such an event as a continuous effort that gets better every year rather
than a one shot deal.

On Sat, 24 Jul 2004, aouad_e wrote:
> > All suggestions are welcomed: subjects, where, when, language, …
> >
> > So do not hesitate to shell us with your opinions.

Beyond getting together to show off collections, buy and sell, I think
there is a need to organize Lebanon philatelists and philately. How many
times have you looked at the philately page on the Libanpost web site and
thought, what a shame. If you don’t already know, the page consisted for
the past many years of a simple form to submit your name and interests to
LibanPost. That’s it. You never get any feedback. Speaking of which,
whatever happened to:

Did their rent expire? Currently you get an IDM page instead.

So I would emphasize the organizational aspect for this meet, to promote
the creation of a Lebanon philately advocacy group.

An old theme that the government my be interested in is to advertise
tourism through philately.

Another worthy goal is to create a reference material web site, not unlike
Elie M. excellent web site with a broader scope and with Q&A for newbies
and experts alike. Perhaps there can be an interactive feature where
anybody can submit a question that gets answered by a list of (more expert)

Back to the conference, you need first to determine the intended
audience. The audience could be:

- Philately hobbyists and professionals
- Philately retailers, those licensed by the government to sell stamps in
- Philately consumers including small and large businesses

If business (retailers and consumers) is involved then this raises the
level of interest and participation.

Can we get the government to demo future issues?

Can we get designers of Lebanese stamps to attend and talk about their craft?

Can we get printers of Lebanese stamps to attend and talk about the past
and future of stamp printing, quality control, etc.?

Another idea is to create an adjoining workshop of some sort with classes
for both newbies and more expert hobbyists.


Lebanon Philately Conference – Continue

Reprint from Lebanon Philately Sat Jul 24, 2004

Good Evening,
Thanks for Bassem & Elie M. for their remarks.
The idea for this summer is cultural and is oriented to have lectures
on various subjects concerning Lebanon Philately in an afternoon.
We can have also an exposition of various stamps of Lebanon.
It is for philatelists and for dealers to begin somewhere.
I think that Bassem has given a good number of ideas of lecturers and
subjects on the end of his post.
This meeting can be a preliminar to have a Lebanon Stamps exposition
next year which should be more both commercial/cultural.
For the place i’ll check with the Esib (Ecole des Ingenieurs de
Beyrouth) if they can lent us a conference room. All other
suggestions are welcomed for the place.
For the date it can be around 20th august in order to have some time
to prepare the conference but especially to send invitations &
The minister of communication should be invited as it is
the “coutumes” in Lebanon.

Still waiting for other suggestions from all of you even if you
cannot come.
bonne soirée.
Elie Aouad