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The Cedar Catalog

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Cedar Catalog is now sold at LibanPost. This catalog helps and guides those who are interested in Lebanese Postal History. It aims to categorize the cancels used in the foreign post offices that have functioned within Lebanese territory between 1845 and 1914.
Visit the nearest post office and buy this valuable book.

Michel 2004 – More omissions

Reprint from Lebanon Philately Sun Aug 29, 2004

I finally had my first look at Michel 2004.

Very disappointing: all references to quantities issued have disappeared
for all sets since 1924.

I guess I recommend the 2004 edition for new issues, stick with 1999
edition for serious work.

The good thing you can get a 1999 Michel probably on the cheap.
I saw one on ebay Germany for 1 Euro. (Not sure what
shipping is) Use search keywords: Michel Naher Osten

When I was a kid growing up in Lebanon I had Stanley Gibbons worldwide
catalog. One monster book with all stamps of the world. One time I noticed
pages missing in the “I” section. Very professional slit with a xtacto
knife that you would not normally notice. (All Israel references taken
out) It was rather interesting observing it at 9 years old.
I wonder if this is still prevalent. Do people with Michel catalog in
Lebanon have Israel slit out too ?

- Elie