Bassem Medawar

I have been a philatelic hobbyist since I was a kid. My siblings and I combined our canceled world collection together in joint albums. I became a serious collecter when I paid money for my first Grand Liban collection. I was a teenager and I recall buying the used GL pack from Librairie Antoine in Hamra. After that the civil war set in. I migrated out of Lebanon, got me a college education and a full time job.

My second foray into philately started in 2002 when I discovered ebay and the bottomless world of collecting. My specialty is Lebanon in any period. Although I started collected anything Lebanon, as my collection matured, I concentrated on mint, full sheets, and rare stamps. I am also interested in covers in as much as they reveal about our postal history.

My attitude regarding Lebanon philately is that I am a guardian for the Lebanon stamps in my possession. They are not mine to keep, they belong to history. Before I pass out of this material world, I will find them a new home, a new generation custodian to preserve our patrimoni. I have created this site to preserve our history.

You can reach me by email.