1800′s – 1914 Ottoman Era

Material covering 19th and early 20th centuries issues used in Lebanon


Beirut [Wikipedia]

Stamps were issued by British, French and Russian post offices. The British office was open 1873–1914: one issue of 1906 was particular to this office which normally issued British Levant. The French office was open 1840–1914: one issue of 1905 was particular to the office which otherwise issued French stamps (to 1885) or French Levant (1885–1914). The Russian office was open 1857–1914: particular stamps issued in 1879 and 1909–10; normally used Russia or Russian Levant.

Other offices were opened by Austria, Egypt, Germany and Italy. The German office was open 1900–14 and used German Levant. The Italian office was open 1873–83 and used the ESTERO overprints. The Austrian office used Austrian Levant and the Egyptian office used Egypt.

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