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The office was open 1857–1914 and normally used stamps of Russia or Russian Levant. Occasional issues in 1879 and again in 1909–10 were particular to Beirut. These were Russian Levant types overprinted by Beyrouth and a value.

40 paras = 1 piastre
Russian Post Offices in the Turkish Empire

Russian Post Offices in the Turkish Empire

Russia had many post offices in the Turkish Empire which were run by ROPiT. General issues were in use throughout the period but several local overprints were introduced in 1909. This included the offices at Mytilene, Salonika and Mount Athos. Other Russian POs in Greece were at Kandia, Volos (Thessaly), Port Lagos (Thrace), Khios and Rhodes.

1863 – 1914
(1863) 100 kopecks = 1 Russian ruble
(1900) 40 paras = 1 piastre
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