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Basil Fleihan stamps

Lebanon Philately reprint Thu Apr 19, 2007

A Basil Fleihan stamps set was issued yesterday on Basil’s passing
anniversary. From the grainy TV picture I make out:

500 LL Yellowish, Basil in graduation gown and business suit
1500 LL Blueish EU/Lebanon partnership with Basil, the Lebanese flag and
EU flag
2000 LL Lebanese flag background and Basil in the foreground

4000 LL Souvenir sheet containing the three stamps with brown, map of
Lebanon, background

Also saw what looks like a first day cover dated April 18, 2007 with
writing in Arabic: isdar awal and signed Marwan Hmedeh. The cover has
the three stamps set.

Wasn’t this the only set since the Hariri anniversary set?


2007 New issues Fleihan and Beirut Arab Book

Lebanon Philately reprint Thu Apr 19, 2007

Hi all,
The new stamps were issued yesterday, 3 stamps for Bassil Fuleihan,
and one SS, as well as the 50th anniversary Beirut Arab Book expo
ebay: 160108279352, 160108278861

cool large sized stamps. average design. The book stamp is very nice

Moustafa Assad