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Why we should inform people

Lebanon Philately reprint Sat Jun 24, 2006

Hi everybody,
I’ve met yesterday a very honest Lebanon philatelist who told me that
we should no more talk about forgeries because it makes drop the
prices of Lebanon stamps. I’ve heard the same thing some time ago from
non-honest dealers .

To my opinion it is very important to talk , document & inform about
forgeries for at least these reasons:

a)by respect to beginners or philatelists who think that they bought a
very rare item and discover too late that they were crooked…. Don’t
they deserve some help and information in order not to buy a fake
soldiers sheet (50% fakes), or the fake beshir sheets (90+% fakes) or
the fake famous victory gauffré?

b)I’ve always considered philately as part of culture of a country. So
informing will also discourage the “deformers” of this culture. If you
take for example the fake Paul VI sheet, you will find that he has
three grains de beauté on his head (skin spots); or a fake union des
libanais dans le monde what an ugliness when you see the misprinted
lebanon & beyrouth on it. Don’t the cedars of Lebanon (who are
considered to be the cedars of God) deserve a better treatment than to
be on ugly & tasteless fake stamps.

c)Concerning prices and money. When a philatelist discover that he
bought a fake item he will propbaly be discouraged to buy any other
item. But if he was informed before, he will search honest dealers ,
experts in whom he can trust, then buy and never be discouraged.
Informing people is one of the reasons of stabilty of prices. NON
the philatelists): that’s the reason why these non honest dealers are
annoyed by this group.

Finally a thought to late Elie Mrad who has the courage to inform
people by emails and on his website and who was annoyed by some dealers.
And an encouragement to those members of the group who continue
informing us although they received threats (no names in order not to
forget somebody ;))

Have a nice WE

In Memoriam Elie Mourad

Lebanon Philately reprint Mon Feb 28, 2005

It is with great sadness and pain that I inform you that Elie Mourad
passed away on Saturday evening.

May all those who knew him pray for his soul.


Michel 2004 – More omissions

Reprint from Lebanon Philately Sun Aug 29, 2004

I finally had my first look at Michel 2004.

Very disappointing: all references to quantities issued have disappeared
for all sets since 1924.

I guess I recommend the 2004 edition for new issues, stick with 1999
edition for serious work.

The good thing you can get a 1999 Michel probably on the cheap.
I saw one on ebay Germany http://www.ebay.de for 1 Euro. (Not sure what
shipping is) Use search keywords: Michel Naher Osten

When I was a kid growing up in Lebanon I had Stanley Gibbons worldwide
catalog. One monster book with all stamps of the world. One time I noticed
pages missing in the “I” section. Very professional slit with a xtacto
knife that you would not normally notice. (All Israel references taken
out) It was rather interesting observing it at 9 years old.
I wonder if this is still prevalent. Do people with Michel catalog in
Lebanon have Israel slit out too ?

- Elie

Lebanon Conference …

Reprint from Lebanon Philately Sun Jul 25, 2004

The focus should be on promoting the hobby and to get beginners
interested. And most important is to make it fun and exchange friendship
and ideas. That is what philately is about.

It is not a glamorous hobby, that’s why a university setting
is probably the best best for the 1st time. Universities have a diverse
age group with possible free time.

I am not surprised at the low number of collectors in Lebanon. But I think
the interest can be higher with more exposure. (Benefits are more
tangible on the long term)

Also one more thing to consider: a govt. sponsored special cancel for the
event is always a plus.

About 4 years ago I happened to be in Italy on a business trip. There were
signs all over when I was driving in Milan advertizing a philatelic
conference. So I went to it, although, as a visitor, it was not in my
This type of larger effort requires the local city govt. to make
nice professional signs, post them 5-6 blocks around the event for a whole
month before the event. One can always invite other countries to exhibit
their new issues.
Just some thought for the future. The toughest part is the majority of us
are expatriates, so it will have to be a large effort by those on location
in Lebanon.

- Elie

Lebanon Philately Conference – Continue

Reprint from Lebanon Philately Sat Jul 24, 2004

Good Evening,
Thanks for Bassem & Elie M. for their remarks.
The idea for this summer is cultural and is oriented to have lectures
on various subjects concerning Lebanon Philately in an afternoon.
We can have also an exposition of various stamps of Lebanon.
It is for philatelists and for dealers to begin somewhere.
I think that Bassem has given a good number of ideas of lecturers and
subjects on the end of his post.
This meeting can be a preliminar to have a Lebanon Stamps exposition
next year which should be more both commercial/cultural.
For the place i’ll check with the Esib (Ecole des Ingenieurs de
Beyrouth) if they can lent us a conference room. All other
suggestions are welcomed for the place.
For the date it can be around 20th august in order to have some time
to prepare the conference but especially to send invitations &
The minister of communication should be invited as it is
the “coutumes” in Lebanon.

Still waiting for other suggestions from all of you even if you
cannot come.
bonne soirée.
Elie Aouad