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Stamps issued on August 2, 2010

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The General Directorate of Post announced that , in coordination with LibanPost, it has put in circulation new stamps as of August 2, 2010.
The themes of these stamps are: Civil Defense, The Environment, The Old Lebanese Houses, The Lebanese Crafts, The Lebanese Army, Harms of Smoking and Anti-Drug.

2010.08.02 New Issues

Lebanon Philately reprint Mon Aug 2, 2010

finally our new minister emitted new stamps including:
anti fire protection, (one of the emissions requested by our group 2 years ago)
2 stamps 100/250 LBP
natural reserves 1 stamp 300 LBP
old houses 3 stamps 500/1000/1250 LBP
soap manufacturing 1 stamp 1400 LBP
army 1 stamp 1750 LBP
anti smoking and drug 2 stamps 2000/5000 LBP

Elie from hot hot hot lebanon