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Lebanese 2000 issues now issued

Lebanon Philately reprint Mon Apr 16, 2007

It is not only that Escwa stamp was now released on the market value
at its face value after being sold up to $35. Many commemorative
Lebanese issues were available for collectors without being valid for
postage. This means that the stamp was not yet truly issued. They
were like cinderellas. These issues included:
the Escwa stamp
the Arab woman stamp
president Lahhoud sheet of 4 stamps
martry judge sheet
60th anniversary of independence set of 4 and MS
Arab League Summit set of 2
UPU anniversary stamp
Beirut Arab Cultural Capital stamp
Francophonie conference set of 2

Imagine that these stamps were in Libanpost stock not available for
postage. This will yield that these are not trully postage stamps. The
rule is that any stamp must pass through the post, being cancelled,
and available to everyone. Now LibanPost has a variety of postage
stamps to use for franking. At least nice looking stamps not like
those that were used right now.
It would have been better if LibanPost overprinted the released
issues, it would have been a nice philatelic event where collectors
will run fetching old and newer issues, like what happened in the Cana
set of 15, which is considered to be the most valuable set in Lebanon
and recent, imagine!
It has been said that maybe this set or some of its values still are
in LibanPost, but according to several requests asked to them, the
answer was negative. But who knows?
Zaher Kanafani

The ESCWA stamp

Lebanon Philately reprint Sat Apr 14, 2007

Three weeks ago we were surprised that the Lebanese postal
administration sent back to the market a stock of the 10000L Escwa stamp.
They didn’t overprint it in order to make it different from the
original issue.
It is a shame for the collectors:
who had never bought the escwa for 35 usd ?
who had never spent a lot of time searching for it on the net?

But at least one positive point:
A couple of years ago in a Lipos exposition a seller tried to convince
some people of the administration to sell him all the held Escwa stock
(as usual by slightly overpaying the stock and as usual for monopoly
reasons). By miracle these people didn’t accept with this guy.

A question: i do not know if i should wish or not that the
administration has some forgotten cross-qana stock and they will send
it back to the market… ;)