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Mechanical test for the Gaufré Victory Sheet

Lebanon Philately reprint Wed Apr 18, 2007

last week i spent a lot of time with an ebay seller in order to detect
if the Gaufré Victory sheet (Mi Block 8Y) he is selling is genuine or not.
Sometimes scans are not enough to detect if a sheet is genuine or not.
So I’ve asked the seller to make the mechanical test which consists to
hold horizontally the sheet with two fingers or a philatlic “pince”
and define the horizontal angle.
The usual forged sheet will remain horizontal (as it is rigid) and the
genuine will make #45 degrees.
I’ve uploaded an image to the files section of the mechanical test
under the name maechanical8Y2.

This test was created jointly with our friend Roger Zreik.


Why we should inform people

Lebanon Philately reprint Sat Jun 24, 2006

Hi everybody,
I’ve met yesterday a very honest Lebanon philatelist who told me that
we should no more talk about forgeries because it makes drop the
prices of Lebanon stamps. I’ve heard the same thing some time ago from
non-honest dealers .

To my opinion it is very important to talk , document & inform about
forgeries for at least these reasons:

a)by respect to beginners or philatelists who think that they bought a
very rare item and discover too late that they were crooked…. Don’t
they deserve some help and information in order not to buy a fake
soldiers sheet (50% fakes), or the fake beshir sheets (90+% fakes) or
the fake famous victory gauffré?

b)I’ve always considered philately as part of culture of a country. So
informing will also discourage the “deformers” of this culture. If you
take for example the fake Paul VI sheet, you will find that he has
three grains de beauté on his head (skin spots); or a fake union des
libanais dans le monde what an ugliness when you see the misprinted
lebanon & beyrouth on it. Don’t the cedars of Lebanon (who are
considered to be the cedars of God) deserve a better treatment than to
be on ugly & tasteless fake stamps.

c)Concerning prices and money. When a philatelist discover that he
bought a fake item he will propbaly be discouraged to buy any other
item. But if he was informed before, he will search honest dealers ,
experts in whom he can trust, then buy and never be discouraged.
Informing people is one of the reasons of stabilty of prices. NON
the philatelists): that’s the reason why these non honest dealers are
annoyed by this group.

Finally a thought to late Elie Mrad who has the courage to inform
people by emails and on his website and who was annoyed by some dealers.
And an encouragement to those members of the group who continue
informing us although they received threats (no names in order not to
forget somebody ;))

Have a nice WE