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2007 New issues Fleihan and Beirut Arab Book

Lebanon Philately reprint Thu Apr 19, 2007

Hi all,
The new stamps were issued yesterday, 3 stamps for Bassil Fuleihan,
and one SS, as well as the 50th anniversary Beirut Arab Book expo
ebay: 160108279352, 160108278861

cool large sized stamps. average design. The book stamp is very nice

Moustafa Assad

The Sixties Forgeries

Lebanon Philately reprint Fri May 12, 2006

a) The sixties forgeries are forgeries made on a lot of sets
including, Cedars, Sidon castle, Lebanon views, dues stamps, Planes,
Airport, Byblos, Zbaide, Jounieh Bay, Serail, Tripoli castle, Ski,
….. They were made by some crooks (mainly dealers) in early sixties
, but quickly cancelled because of police descent. They are recognized
to a yellowish, poor quality paper, bad drawings, and a poor Beirut
cancellation….. But some dues stamps were not cancelled.
b) Michel list some of these forgeries (not all) [ ;) for doubters ].
c) this morning i found a superb MI427 Orange forged Cedar. It was of
good quality, not cancelled, exact perfs but the P.KOROLEFF was badly
printed. So the rules of bad quality in a) may not be sufficient.
d) Are these the last forged material in the 60s. Probably not.
Lately the APS withdrew a forged Paul VI visit (with no price) from
their store (recognized to the 3 spots on the front-head of the pope
and the cyan colour instead of violet).
e) It is recommended to have a set of these forgeries . Moustafa
(4wstamps) is proposing a lot on ebay. I can also send the complement
to Moustafa’s item.

About the 4R Lebanon SG #684/5 Imperf Dble Impression MNH

Lebanon Philately reprints Thu Apr 27, 2006

Even if the scan is not clear i congratulate Moustafa for being the
first honest seller who dares putting: “Old fakes from Michel Estfan
collection” in the description of the item.
Michel Estfan & band are a shame on the Lebanon and a lot of countries
You can “admire” his forgeries in the Files section.

Good News for Conference

Reprint from Lebanon Philately Thu Jul 29, 2004

Good Morning,
I’ve received today a positive answer from the dean of Esib who will
give us a conference room.
So the subjects until now are:
a- M. Tony Helou for what to collect in Lebanon stamps
b- Lebanon_Philately group: compilation of different methods for
detecting original/doubtful sheets/stamps with presentation of the
group (please Bassem M. if you prepare the introduction).
c- M. Moustapha Assad: Stamps History in Lebanon (subject to be

What do you think of a round table on promoting the Philately in

We still need:
a- two subjects (in order to have a two hours conference)
b- date/time around 24th August
c- mailing list
d- other ideas.
e- smiles :)

bonne jorunée de Paris
Elie A.

Lebanon Conference …

Reprint of Lebanon Philately Sun Jul 25, 2004

Hi All,

Here is my advice regarding the Conference..

1. Do not think big, although there are numerous collectors in
Lebanon, most big names will not give their time to attend. Many
big shots prefer to either sponsor clubs on their own (where the
members will talk about the mightly collection of the owner) or
simply stay away.

2. We have witnessed public philatelist shows sponsored by Liban
Post (by Mr. Shafeek Talib) on 4 different occasions, and the man
did not take the time to INVITE all the Lebanese collectors.. The
reasonis that most collectors would have ridiculed his show !!!
Lets face it, when Lebanese meet, there will only be ridicule and

3. If you all prefer to have a Gathering in force then we can do
so.. But it has to be a gathering of people rather than
collections.. Auctions make no sense as the people attending
already have what they want. Beginners !!! They do not exist…
From the South of Lebanon to its North there exist only ONE
beginner !!!!!!!!!.

4. I can get you venues in LAU, AUB, LIBAN POST, Ministry of PTT,
virtually any venue in or around Saida. I can get sponsors, I can
get Rotary International to participate en-force. I can get top
names to cover the event too.. Media is also an easy task. But you
have to think about what would happen when we all start talking
about forgeries !!!! It will not be a nice topic in the newspapers
the second day…

Lets meet, but lets meet behind closed doors at first.. Trust me
people, i know what will happen..

My 2 cents..


Again & Again about forgery & naming

Reprint from Lebanon Philately Wed Jul 14, 2004

Hi everybody,
concerning email of all_stamps about forgeries: it is no doubt that
we have forgeries or artificial stamp printings since 1924 until mid
We have a lot of catogories concerning exchanging forged materials:
a- forgerers, God has mercy of their souls;
b- sellers.

In much of the cases sellers do not know that they are selling forged
1- i’ve already bought on ebay scott pages with lebanon stamps. a
year later i was classifying (finally) the stamps. i found some
forged stamps of the mid fourties having circulated (i have put some
of them in the photos section).
2- Some classical cheap souvenir sheets are still being sold: union
des libanais, pope paul visit, 1959 games. Sellers do not know that
they are not the original ones: catalogues are not occurate, there is
no documentation and information do(es) not circulate. We are trying
in this group to give this sort of information.
3- For ovpt stamps, Moustapha is right that in the past french
officiers made artificial printings. In this case what do you
consider these stamps: forged? No it is not, at they were printed by
the officiel imprimerie: they are aurhentical artificial stamps. And
persons who sell them cannot know unless they are experts.

As a conclusion: in case of doubt do not buy or ask for information
or expert signature or a receipt. For expensive items buy from a well-
known dealer or reseller.
Be sure that a bad seller will be recognized quickly as “la bouche à
oreille” will function.

Regards from Paris.


Spotting the Fakes

Reprint from Lebanon Philately Thu Jul 8, 2004

Hi All,

I cannot consider my self an expert but in my never ending war
against forgeries and forgers i have developed an eye for spotting
whats weird and whats not.

In general the paper that the forgeries were printed on is by far of
lower value and quality. The ink differs by far as well, the
forgerers must have had a difficult time spotting the exact colors
so they settled for the second best.

I have seen entire albums of so called (errors) all forged, but
these are just tooooooo easy to identify. Just compare these
(especially the overprints) to any old cover you have ot any old
stamp. The difference is dramatic..

Being a dealer i had to take care and never accept funnies circulate
through me, so i refrain from dealing with errors unless their
source is reliable.

I can conclude and say that the market is NOT flooded with fakes..
Fakes are still being circulated on very limited scales, at least 3
sources in the world must be considered a DANGER to deal with but
the rest are by far safe.

I must also stress that the French Mandate era errors are not
considered FAKES by many collectors. We all know that French
officers deliberately orchestrated these fakes and thus people
collect some of these (they are cheap any way) the danger lies
within the 1960s onwards fakes which were done in Lebanon spanning
to this day…. These are the items that pose the serious threat.

Have a great day all.