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The Sixties Forgeries

Lebanon Philately reprint Fri May 12, 2006

a) The sixties forgeries are forgeries made on a lot of sets
including, Cedars, Sidon castle, Lebanon views, dues stamps, Planes,
Airport, Byblos, Zbaide, Jounieh Bay, Serail, Tripoli castle, Ski,
….. They were made by some crooks (mainly dealers) in early sixties
, but quickly cancelled because of police descent. They are recognized
to a yellowish, poor quality paper, bad drawings, and a poor Beirut
cancellation….. But some dues stamps were not cancelled.
b) Michel list some of these forgeries (not all) [ ;) for doubters ].
c) this morning i found a superb MI427 Orange forged Cedar. It was of
good quality, not cancelled, exact perfs but the P.KOROLEFF was badly
printed. So the rules of bad quality in a) may not be sufficient.
d) Are these the last forged material in the 60s. Probably not.
Lately the APS withdrew a forged Paul VI visit (with no price) from
their store (recognized to the 3 spots on the front-head of the pope
and the cyan colour instead of violet).
e) It is recommended to have a set of these forgeries . Moustafa
(4wstamps) is proposing a lot on ebay. I can also send the complement
to Moustafa’s item.

Forgery: Sofar Congress

Reprint from Lebanon Philately Thu Jul 8, 2004

a-White colour instead of yellowish
b-208*146 insted of 206*143
c- Green stamp: vert-citron istead of green
d- . of P.Koroleff missing for all stamps
e- h of Beyrouth in green stamp is incomplete
f- external lines of stamps are distrupted
g- Writings & horns are rather violet instead of dark blue
h- Writings & horns show border pixels
i- . of arabic libnan is missing
j- distances between stamps are not good.