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The ESCWA stamp

Lebanon Philately reprint Sat Apr 14, 2007

Three weeks ago we were surprised that the Lebanese postal
administration sent back to the market a stock of the 10000L Escwa stamp.
They didn’t overprint it in order to make it different from the
original issue.
It is a shame for the collectors:
who had never bought the escwa for 35 usd ?
who had never spent a lot of time searching for it on the net?

But at least one positive point:
A couple of years ago in a Lipos exposition a seller tried to convince
some people of the administration to sell him all the held Escwa stock
(as usual by slightly overpaying the stock and as usual for monopoly
reasons). By miracle these people didn’t accept with this guy.

A question: i do not know if i should wish or not that the
administration has some forgotten cross-qana stock and they will send
it back to the market… ;)


Lebanese Philately for 2004 – Summary

Lebanon Philately reprint Sun Dec 26, 2004

2004 Group Summary :
Good start of the group which was created by Bassem Medawar.
Successful action with APS to take off some forgeries from their store.
Discussions about errors & doubtful material. As expected very active
discussions between members on errors, the AK signature on Beshir
folders, …
Discussions about pricing cross Quana serie: buyers give low prices &
sellers give high prices. It is normal, no?

2004 Lebanon Issues Summary:
A lot of issues:Mainly the Post Office building, ski issues, cultural
festivals, st georges hospital.
The fiasco of 100LL&300LL of ski issue: different stamps in the serie
with same values. After deciding the retention of these stamps, they
were released short time after.
and we hope that next year stamps will be beautiful & the issues less


Cana Cross

Reprint from Lebanon Philately Fri Nov 26, 2004

The cross of the Cana series is printed twice. One of them is
the visible one and the other is invisible, but can be seen
under ultraviolet light. Forging that is hard as applying the
invisible cross requires specialized equipment that costs a
lot of money.


Quana-Cross Serie

Reprint from Lebanon Philately Mon Sep 27, 2004

There is an important feature for the Cana set that is not shared by other
rare/scarce lebanon material. It is a regular issue of stamps. It is not
a souvenir sheet and it is not an imperf or an error. If it becomes
accepted in all catalogues, anyone who wants completion of a basic
Lebanon collection, would have to get it. This is not the case for souvenir
and errors. So my point is that it has a larger buyers base.

But as I pointed out there a few hundreds sets at least and there aren’t
that many collectors of Lebanon who are willing to pay a lot.

A set that is similar to Cana is the Grand Zero. In the 1950′s it was sold
for $100 (that is what an old time collector told me). It was really
scarce at that time. While it is still difficult to find (especially MNH),
its price is nowhere near Cana. The grand zero (50p) has a printing
of 50,000 and was heavily used: I have seen copies used from Ain Zhalta,
Beirut, and Karoun. The remaining ones cannot be that numerous.


Forgeries on Ebay. Buyers beware.

Reprint from Lebanon Philately Sat Sep 25, 2004

Here is my take on the Qana cross set price/hoarding question. First of
all demand and supply rules. However in any free market, it is easy for
someone to manipulate the market unless the market has rules for proper
behavior. What are the rules in the Lebanese stamps market and who is
enforcing them?

Is it OK for dealers to bid on each other’s auctions? As long as they are
using their own names and there is no collusion, why not? I am in buying
mode today. If I start selling tomorrow does this mean that I have to stop

Second, is someone hoarding the Qana cross set in order to artificially
inflate the price? The answer depends on who. If the hoarder is an
official with access to governmental supply of stamps who purchased the
stamps at the time at face value and knew before the public that the set
was going to be withdrawn, then there is insider knowledge ethics violation.

This becomes furthermore a criminal matter if the insider/hoarder stole the
stamps from the official depot where the withdrawn stamps are held. In a
transparent government (which ours isn’t) the government would clearly
state how many stamps were withdrawn and keep accounting of
them. Furthermore the withdrawn stamps should either be destroyed by the
government or locked in a government vault like the central bank to control
access to the storage. There is little difference between stamps and
monetary notes. It’s all paper printed at relatively little cost with a
monetary value exceeding the printing cost.

[If you read rec.collecting.stamps.discuss there is a big hoopla about the
US government wanting to destroy a government huge hoard of Revenue stamps
in its possession to control its inventory. Collectors want the government
to sell these stamps on the collectors market instead of destroying them.]

If the Qana-cross set hoarder is someone without connections and without
insider knowledge and simply lucked out or made a shrewd decision to buy
the Qana cross set before it was withdrawn then good for him or her. I
don’t see a problem with this nor do I see any obligation for the hoarder
to sell at a lower price.


Quana-Cross Serie

Reprint from Lebanon Philately Sat Sep 25, 2004

Hello everybody
Also the analysis of Elie is very interesting, but we still are not answering the main question … How much of this stamp are available … And let us once “AS LEBANESE” forget the conspiracy theories …. Let’s talk facts … NO one knows how much of the Qana stamp were overprinted … The most reliable figure that I’ve got from a trusted person is around 3000

Quana-Cross Serie

Reprint from Lebanon Philately Sat Sep 25, 2004

Dear Friends
First: Qana 1100LL with cross quantity = 35000 pieces
it was used for 2 month at all post office at Lebanon
1100 LL used for Europe and Registered letter to Arab country in the
mean time,it was used in holiday seasons.
I thing or I am sure it wasn’t withdrawn and all stories about
Iranian Ambassy or Hisb Alla are not true .
two month are more than enough with buying buying by collectors and
dealers to finish the quantities .
Second : if more than 5 sets and one block of 4 will be offerd the
price will fall down but because NO body has large quantities it
will never be offered.
So it’s a dream to see the price is falling down .

Lastly NO BODY obliged any one to buy it upon request and offer.

have a lovely week-end .