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2008.04.30 New issues

Lebanon Philately reprint Thu May 1, 2008

Good Morning,
New Lebanon issues (30th April):
Rotary Conference: 1 stamp 2000 LL
Gebran 125th birth anniversary: 4 stamps 100, 500, 1400 & 2000 LL
Gebran 125th birth anniversary Sheet: 4000 LL.

Concerning the martyrs issue it is still blocked somewhere…..


2005 Rotary

Lebanon Philately Reprint Fri Feb 25, 2005

Good Moning,
A new Lebanon stamp (Rotary) at 3000LL was released three days ago.
We hope that a stamp or a serie of stamps would be released for M.
Hariri .
Regards from wounded Beyrouth