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Lebanese Philately for 2004 – Summary

Lebanon Philately reprint Sun Dec 26, 2004

2004 Group Summary :
Good start of the group which was created by Bassem Medawar.
Successful action with APS to take off some forgeries from their store.
Discussions about errors & doubtful material. As expected very active
discussions between members on errors, the AK signature on Beshir
folders, …
Discussions about pricing cross Quana serie: buyers give low prices &
sellers give high prices. It is normal, no?

2004 Lebanon Issues Summary:
A lot of issues:Mainly the Post Office building, ski issues, cultural
festivals, st georges hospital.
The fiasco of 100LL&300LL of ski issue: different stamps in the serie
with same values. After deciding the retention of these stamps, they
were released short time after.
and we hope that next year stamps will be beautiful & the issues less


2004 100L & 300L Ski

Reprint from Lebanon Philately Thu Dec 9, 2004

Hi everyone,
LibanPost has decided to release the retained 100L & 300L ski one
month after the first 100L & 300L ski stamps. !!!!
Not only these (ski) stamps are without any taste or beauty, but the
way of management “laisse à désirer” also. I do not who is the
responsible for these issues; but he should “ytom 7eelo” (burry
himself) after offensing by this way our taste & Lebanon stamps.

If someone knows the minister please tell him to dismiss this person.

to be continued …..

from cold Paris.